About Proof of Visit

Original Digital Souvenirs

Proof of Visit is new and exciting, it’s augmented reality!  it’s intended to be both educational and fun, whilst also bringing the souvenir industry right up to date.

Proof of Visit helps people learn about the possession and ownership of digital assets, without risk.

Proof of Visit makes digital assets available now at low cost and they function as a fully digital souvenir / postcard.

  • Users enjoy all the benefits digital assets have to offer, such as privacy, high security and transparency plus digital souvenirs do not degrade over time and may become more useful.
  • Users of Proof of Visit Digital souvenirs are able to fully verify authenticity, and there can be no doubt our souvenirs are 100% genuine!
  • Merchants benefit from involvement in a new and growing global economy. Proof of Visit digital souvenirs can be dropped into any app, where they function as an in-app advertisement for your organisation / location / event and create social media opportunities.

Proof of Visit creates new possibilities in the world of digital asset ownership and we are pleased to be breaking new ground in applying this technology in a unique and fun way. 

For more information please contact [email protected]. #ProofofVisit.